Backlog’s work with AG04

Backlog has been hired by AG04 in different roles and projects. We co-operated on Agile consulting for Oradian and Addiko bank, providing full services to the end client. We also partner in the talent acquisition process and business development.

About AG04

Our main focus is on providing customers with tailor made software solutions in a well governed process. We also provide skills in customer-governed projects, where we do not provide the turn-key product, rather help with time&material mode delivery of our expertise.

We specialise is in Enterprise Java systems, built on top of a commercial stack or enterprise open-source stack.

Our engineers have been involved in key roles in providing solutions such as:

  • Tailor made internet banking solution for one of the largest regional banks
  • Enterprise security custom solution for Government
  • Large scale mobile messaging platform for Croatia’s Top 2 telco
  • Many more large and enterprise systems regionally
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